callytimecat (callytimecat) wrote in callytimebank,

Recycle Picking at Arsenal again

It's nearly the end of the football season so today gave us one final opportunity to recycle pick around our local stadium during a home match. A guy from one of the local papers came for a press call at 4:30 but before then we were interviewed by some student film-makers from London Metropolitan University. I took some more film myself too & plan to make another mini-movie for youtube. The turnout was high - like the first recycle pick back in May 2003 there were seven of us & over the course of an hour we collected 557 cans & 200 plastic bottles - as well as at leats half a dozen glass bottles.

Here are some photos from the event...

Val, John, Stephen, Nick & Barbara outside Holloway Road station

Tags: cans, islington foe, pet bottles, recycle pick, time bank
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