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Cally Time Ban

Cally TimeBank
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This is a time bank community based in North London. Biographies tend to be about people - so I'll say something about me as a time broker.

I first heard about time banks exactly five years ago when Edgar Cahn gave a talk to launch his book "No More Throw Away People". I felt just the title of the book was amazing...it neatly sums up the idea that people should never be dismissed as worthless: everyone has something to offer, but money doesn't always recognise & value the skills & talents people have, often hidden deep within. Monetary value of a product or service is measured by its scarcity. Often people have vital skills, very much required for the smooth-running of a healthy community but because what they can offer, is available in abundance & thus its monetary value is low. Time banks embrace the notion of sufficiency: there is enough of what we need available - people have the ability to look after each other & that is really valuable. In the months that followed Edgar's seminar I read following year I read "No More Throw Away People" & set up Cally Time Bank. The first activities revolved around environmental issues like recycling & energy saving & this is still a major theme for the time bank. In 2003 Cally Time Bank became part of the Islington Time Bank network & was hosted by Hilldrop Community Centre - Hilldrop now also has its own time bank & tme broker, Ann - effectively Hilldrop & Cally are twinned time banks managed from the same centre but covering different wards: Cally focuses on Caledonian ward, Hilldrop focuses on St Georges ward. If you'd like to find out more or you'd like to join please visit the website or drop me an email.
community mapping, energy saving, main themes:, recycle picking (clean ups), recycling, time banking...