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Cally-Arsenal Recycle Pick
On Sunday, 12 March, Cally Time Bank & Islington Friends of the Earth will be teaming up with the Green Party for a recycle pick in the streets around Arsenal Football Ground.

The aim of the event is to highlight the amount of recyclable litter, in particular drinks cans & bottles which are discarded on the streets of Islington, before & after large public events. It will start at 16:00 at Arsenal tube station and finish by the recycling bins next to Highbury Pool onm Highbury Crescent at 17:30.

Participants will spend an hour walking around streets, looking for cans and bottles that have been dropped by football fans on their way to the afternoon match against Liverpool and will be handing out leaflets to the general public to highlight that a lot of litter that people simply throw away is a valuable resource that we should ensure is recycled, not discarded in the street, and not binned because it may end up in landfill.

It takes 20 times more energy to produce a new can from mined rather than recycled aluminum but in the UK, 160,000 tonnes of aluminum are sent to landfills every year. Recycling 1 kg of aluminum saves 8 kg of bauxite, 4 kg of chemical products and 14 Kilowatt hours of electricity (1). Cally Time Bank and Islington FoE have collected 450 cans (almost 7 kilograms) of cans durinbg the last two recycle pick events and thus saved oiver 50 kg of bauxite, and almost 100 Kilowatt hours of electricity.
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