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Current Activities

Cally Time Bank is participating in the annual Clean Up day organised by North Kinsg Cross Environmental Task Force on Saturday 29 October. Kirsty will be giving a short talk on recycling, which is the theme for this year's event.

Samples of fresh local fruit & veg from the Islington Farmers' Market will be awarded to participants. Cally Time Bank has organised 12 recycle picks over the last 2.5 years & collected 60 kilograms of recyclable material. In August a short article on recycle-picking appeared in the Islington Tribune.

Cally Time Bank is also currently encouraging volunteers from Culpeper Gardens to join & earn time credits for the tasks they do. On the second Sunday of every month there is a work day in which members do things which are focused on improving the communal aspects of the garden. As in ther world of volunteering in general, the burden of many major tasks are left to a small handful of members. It is a familiar 'tragedy of the commons' scenario.

Kirsty is investigating whether time banking may help encourage more plot-holders to take on more communal activities. There is already a list & people who attend write their names against the tasks they are willing to do. Earning time credits would provide some recognition for their efforts.
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