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EC1 Time Bank Launch

This afternoon EC1 Time Bank had its launch event at the St Luke's Centre on Central Street. John Bird gave a short speech - he joked that he was only allowed seven minutes here whilst the Prime Minister gave him a full ten. He explained how a man he had known for some years had  transformed. He started off as a venomous deceitful guy, full of self-pity & woe, full of hatred & blame for a world that had done him a disservice . He gradually became someone who could see a greater picture - who was willing to change himself & work towards helping others. It is like Stephen Covey's message about paradigm shifts and changing things from the 'inside-out'.

Also poets from West Euston Time Bank gave readings of their works, Chinese dancers performed with their drums & a lion costume, some time bank members explained what how they had benefitted from various projects.There was also another soectacular choreographed dance & an opprtunity to chat & network over refreshments. Fatuma, Keren & everyone else involved did a grand job organising the event.
Tags: central street, ec1, launch event, time bank
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