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Time Bank Network Planning Day

Today we had a Time Bank Network Planning Day at Upper Street Time Bank. The whole day has been very positive but the session that fired up my enthusiasm the most was when I had brainstorming session with the time brokers from Upper Street & Caxton House about raising awareness amongst Islington's residents of their ecological footprint. We are thinking of a project that lasts soemwhere between 6 months & 2 years. 

The first step is to provide information about what exactly an ecological footprint is. I have already set up a blog about ecofootprinting here & we would like to produce a leaflet explains the basic idea. If things go to plan we would hope to launch it in around July with a green walk around the borough that culminates in a picnic. 

One possibility is to run some workshops or  create a video to provide an alternative way of learning about the environmental our lifestyles have on a local & global level. Participants could complete one of the existing questionnaires on ecological footprint that individual participants & their households create on the planet.

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