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Article for Islington Time Banks Network Newsletter
YouTube,, is a very popular movie sharing website which has around 100,000 hits per day & 65,000 new videos added every new day. Its slogan is "broadcast yourself" & that is exactly what you can do if you have any device that enables you to capture images & uploading them to its website. You can publish your spoken thoughts directly recording from a desktop camera or upload video that you have shot on your mobile phone.

One of our time bank projects is to create a photographic record of Islington as it is now in 2007. This will include video street maps to show exactly how our borough looks today & residents thoughts about the urban space they live in - what's good, what's bad, & suggestions on how we can work together to improve the parks, pavements, roads. We can use online video & photo sharing tools like YouTube to create our own community map. If you would like to find out more about participating in IsTube and earning time bank credits for your efforts visit, email or call me.

Videos with an Islington or Time Bank theme that have already uploaded include these:
Waste - refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle - Ecosounds: (viewed 364 times) An attempt at a music video using footage from a Cally Time Bank Recycle Pick for last summer.
Hilldrop Solar Power: (viewed 364 times) A celebration of the solar panels that were installed at Hilldrop Community Centre a year ago.
Video Street Map: Holloway to Highbury Corner: (viewed 338 times) I just let the camcorder roll as a friend drove from Nags Head down to Highbury & Islington. I would like more videos like this to show what every street to provide an online historical record of what Islington looked like in the twenty-noughties (i.e. early 21st century).
New Arsenal Stadium Recycle Pick: (viewed 118 times) In October 2006 Islington Friend of the Earth & Cally Time Bank held the first recycle pick at the new Emirates stadium. This is the video record of the event.
Islington Canal Festival: (viewed 115 times) A video blog of the canal tunnel between Angel & Caledonian Road
Islington Farmers Market: (viewed 69 times) This film explains the benefits of buying fresh local produce & supporting farms around the capital.
Imagine Islington: (viewed 65 times) The 2006 festival focused on green issues - if you missed it you can see a quick snapshot of what happened.
Culpeper Community Garden: (viewed 49 times) A short tour of the urban oasis near Angel that has been created & run by community minded people for nearly quarter of a century.
Webcam competition entry: (viewed 42 times) This is a film I quickly made one night in a bid to win a computer top camera from another 'tuber. It is made from footage I shot along the 274 bus route between Islington & the Notting Hill Carnival

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